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Best BBQ Ribs Nashville | BBQ Ribs near Nashville | BBQ Ribs in Nashville

 / Best BBQ Ribs Nashville | BBQ Ribs near Nashville | BBQ Ribs in Nashville

Best BBQ Ribs Nashville | BBQ Ribs near Nashville | BBQ Ribs in Nashville

At Caney Fork we pride ourselves on our private label BBQ sauce and delicious fall off the bone BBQ ribs near Nashville and all the best BBQ sides to go with them! Along with other amazing wild game dishes like our Elk Sliders, Gator Bites, Frog Legs, Outfitter Stew, Venison Sausage, and more.
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Best BBQ Ribs Nashville | BBQ Ribs near Nashville | BBQ Ribs in Nashville

At Caney Fork we offer the best Wild Game food anywhere. Our Wild Game menu includes: Wild Game Platter (the best of everything), Cajun Gator Sliders, Wild Elk Sliders, Venison Sausage Philly.

Come in today and quench your thirst with locally brewed own, Yazoo Brew Beer. Support our hometown microbrewer and take the edge off. Also, don’t forget about our amazing appetizers like the Fried Pickles, Frog legs, Elk sliders, Gator tail, Crab cakes, and the Best Ribs in Nashville. We are not only a local restaurant, we are a great local sports bar. Our sports bar features cold beer on tap and in the bottle, wine and plenty of specialty cocktails. Hope to see you again soon at the Caney Fork!

We specialize in offering locals and visitors alike: the best Nashville ribs (slow cooked, large and meaty), BBQ ribs near Nashville, aged cut steaks, juicy chicken, sandwiches, wild game specials, fried pickles, salads, campfire s’mores, and of course, our signature almost World Famous Corn Fritters. We also have “Wild Game” food offerings, somewhat unique and not offered at most Nashville ribs joints. You can dine in or we can have your order ready to go. Please allow at least 30 minutes for us to prepare your order ahead of time. Please stop by and enjoy dining or drinks. Call us at (615) 724-1205 for To Go Orders.

Best BBQ Ribs Nashville | BBQ Ribs near Nashville | BBQ Ribs in Nashville

Caney Fork opened and quickly became one of the most well-loved barbecue joints in the Nashville, TN area. Patrons of food and fun packed in because we treated our guests to an entirely new barbecue experience. We became a unique Nashville barbecue joint pairing the traditional and non-traditional at the same time.

We’re traditional because we use traditional cooking methods and styles to create unbelievable Q. We’re non-traditional because we serve up numerous local alcohol options that go great with our BBQ. We’ve also expanded on the typical old-school side selection by adding comfort foods also!

Our one of a kind rib joint in Nashville is located near a Hotel, Nashville Convention Center and Mall, our southern style restaurant offers locals and visitors alike a unique dining experience. We have a full bar with 9 large flat screen HDTV’s so you can enjoy your favorite beer, wine or cocktail and watch sports or you can sit at one of our booths in the bar area. We have a nice selection of craft, domestic and imported beers on draft or in the bottle, white and red wines and a full line of cocktails including Popcorn Sutton’s White Lighting whiskey. If you are staying at one of the local area hotels, timeshares or RV parks, or shopping at our Mall be sure to stop by for a drink or meal. We know you won’t be disappointed.

The Roots of Barbecue coming to Nashville

Many historic and famous people who had career’s in other fields were often fascinated with creating the best barbecue Nashville has to offer (alright it may have been all everywhere but their influences can be felt here in Nashville).

The first indigenous tribes the explorer Christopher Columbus encountered on the island he named Hispaniola had developed a unique method for cooking meat over an indirect flame, the tribe created this using green wood to keep both the food and wood from burning. Reports indicate that the Spanish referred to this new style of cooking as barbacoa: the original barbecue. As the Spanish explorers who followed Columbus turned their expeditions north, they brought the cooking technique with them. In 1540, close to present-day Tupelo, Mississippi, the Chicksaw tribe, in the presence of explorer Hernando de Soto, cooked a feast of pork over the barbacoa. Eventually, the technique made its way to the colonies, traveling as far north as Virginia.

Original BBQ-ers of the southern colonies depended on the lower cost, low-maintenance nature of pig farming. Unlike cows, which required large amounts of feed and enclosed spaces, pigs could be set loose in forests to eat when food supplies were running low. The pigs, left to fend for themselves in the wild, were much leaner upon slaughter, leading Southerns to use the slow-and-low nature of barbecue to tenderize the meat. And use it they did. During the pre-Civil War years, Southerners ate an average of five pounds of pork for every one pound of cattle.

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Caney Fork’s authentic Nasvhille-style BBQ is slow smoked for hours over a mix of local woods to provide a recognizable, regional flavor that has been synonymous with the area for over a hundred years. Caney Forks Nashville BBQ represents the truest of Nashville’s native cuisine.

Come out and enjoy our fast, friendly, and fun local spot in the Historic Nashville! Caney’s is the best BBQ rib joint in Nashville, where people can bring their families, meet their friends, and feel at home!

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Best BBQ Ribs Nashville | BBQ Ribs near Nashville | BBQ Ribs in Nashville